Simple Method to Enhance your Writing Skills

Writing is an important skill that everyone needs to master. It does not matter if you are a kid starting his or her first in school, or a famous person with a lot of wealth, or even if you are already an established writer. It is especially important if you are in a line of work that involves a lot of writing and content generation, like a content writer on a blog about Muslim holidays, or an editor in an established printing firm.

Having the right set of skills in writing will not only improve your word power, it will also competitively accelerate your ability to learn, absorb and master new information and knowledge. In order to achieve all these, you will need to learn a mind blowing method that will propel your writing and learning abilities to unimaginable heights.

As such, in the rest of this article, you will be armed with a tool to accelerate your process of learning and mastering a new form of writing. It could be a thesis for your final university project, a bank busting sales letter for your hot new product, the next great novel that will top the best sellers’ list, the next blockbuster screenplay for a mind boggling and highly profitable movie, or even the next “Think and Grow Rich”. This could possibly be the most lucrative and profitable skill you can ever acquire. This tool can be summed up into a simple process that will be explained shortly.

The first thing you need to do is to find and collect the best example pieces of writing that you want to emulate and surpass. For example, you may wish to collect five to ten of the best converting sales letters, a handful of literary masterpieces, a couple of award winning journalistic pieces, high quality content from popular online Halal guides like HalalGo, and so much more.

For this purpose, we want you to get an entirely new journal with sufficient pages inside it because you are going to do a lot of writing. In this journal, begin to copy, by hand, every word from the example pieces of writing that you have chosen until your hand is exhausted.

If the example writing piece is lengthy, such as the novel, you don’t want to hand copy it entirely in one sitting (unless you are that motivated). Break down the pieces into relevant segments that make up its specific format. Take a couple of days to master the craft by focusing on a specific segment of the writing format for each day. Continue this practice until you feel you have sufficiently mastered this skill.

Of course, the above mentioned steps and processes should be evolved and modified accordingly to apply to different contexts and unique writing formats. But the principle of copy writing (I wonder how the word copywriting comes about) applies here. Basically in order to learn any form of writing, you simply need to copy good example pieces by hand, and then work on developing your unique voice once you have mastered and internalized the basics of it.