Reasons Singapore is a Top Corporate Team Building Destination

Singapore is one of the most popular corporate team building hotspots at the moment. Whether you are planning on having corporate retreats or conferences or team building activities, there isn’t any other city that comes close to Singapore’s phenomenal and safe environment. Regardless of the type of activity that you want to host, Singapore has the necessary state-of-the-art facilities, incredible attractions and venues, polished services and ultra-modern infrastructure to make it possible. There isn’t any other city in Asia that comes close to Singapore’s rich and strategic location.

You must be wondering why Singapore is a top corporate team building destination. Well, here are six reasons why industries from all around the world are heading to Singapore to host a myriad of team building activities:

Pick from a multitude of premier locations
The lion city is one of the most popular tourist and corporate team building destinations in the world. Why? As everyone is interested in visiting Singapore at some point in their lives, the city constantly updates its infrastructure to keep up with the growing demand. Due to the city’s continuous and never-ending growth, you will always find a location to host your event within your budget.

Utilise its global connectivity
Due to the lion city’s location, Singapore has become a major hub for all telecommunications, sea, and air transport, connecting the rest of the world to Asia and vice versa. Did you know that about 7,000 flights from all around the world come to the Changi International Airport every week? As you may have already realised, corporate travellers from every place on this planet visit this city because of its unmatchable connectivity and convenience. When you take a look at the list of network-ready countries in the world, you will find out that Singapore comes in second as 99% of the Singaporeans have access to a broadband network.

Unearth the exciting opportunities the city has to offer
According to the World Bank’s report for ease of doing business in 2016, Singapore ranks second. There are at least 7,000 multinational companies and over 150 international organisations that have set up their operations in Singapore. When you host corporate team building events in Singapore, you have the opportunity to link up with various companies for insights and partnerships.

Go around the city without breaking a sweat
When it comes to going around the city without any hassles, it’s hard to match the local connectivity of Singapore. Whether you want to go around the city by train, bus, taxi or foot, you won’t have to break your head to figure things out. There are apps for all Singaporean public transport, making it a breeze to use their services. On top of that, as the city is a small island, you won’t have to spend more than 30 minutes to reach any destination.

Plan activities without any hassles
The lion city is one of the few cities in the world that has a low risk when it comes to natural disasters. For starters, the city is surrounded by Malaysia and Borneo, protecting it from tsunamis and typhoons. Also, the city is away from plate boundaries, reducing the risk of earthquakes significantly. Thanks to Singapore’s stable government, the lion city has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

A city with multiple accolades
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events or MICE is Singapore’s speciality as it has won multiple accolades such as Asia’s Top Convention City in the International Congress and Convention Association. Due to the government’s exceptional efforts, waste, water, and energy management in Singapore are beyond comparison.

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