Everything to Know About Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slat designs that are placed over one another. Normally, they consist of metal, vinyl, plastic, or PVC material. There are also slats made of wooden material, but then they are termed individually as the wood blinds. These slats are held up at a place that lower, raise, and move the blinds.

Early Origins of Venetian Blinds
Windows blinds, which consisted of the modern styled horizontal slats, were developed in the year 1974. Venetian blinds had gotten their name from the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. These blinds were utilized in Venice instead of fabric curtains. The modern design of venetian blinds thus originated in Venice.

The earlier designs of Venetian blinds have been reported in Egypt. Egyptians utilize the reeds that are put together in the columns. The Chinese too followed the same practice for covering their windows. They hanged the bamboo grass over their windows to block out the light.

Development of Design of the Venetian Blinds
The earlier venetian blinds design of the 1950s was a bit different. It stayed together with the help of strips of cloth instead of cords. It was only in 1966 that the new design of the Venetian blinds was proposed, and the pulley system was utilised. This empowered people to control the Venetian blinds greatly. Over time, slats grew narrower in design. Aluminum and vinyl venetian slats were also offered in the market, which increased its utility and marketing value.

Variations of the Venetian Blinds
There are also multiple variations of the vertical design of the venetian blinds. One of the most popular designs is vertical window blinds. This design had originated in Kansas City, Missouri by Sun Vertical, which eventually sold their rights to another top company by 1960.

The pulling of the cords posed a great risk to the little pets and children. Many changes had been proposed for reducing the risk. The steps to increase the safety of the children featured dangling lift cords. These types reduce the risk attached to the venetian blind, does not harm children easily, and hence made venetian blinds safer to be used at home.

How to Clean Venetian Blinds?
The best news is that it is possible to clean the blinds without having to take them down. It saves a lot of time for the people who have busy professional lives. The process of Venetian blinds cleanup is given below:

  • First of all, you need to separate and open up each blind.
  • Then, take a cloth and dust every slate utilizing a non-abrasive cloth or a duster.
  • Now, it is high time to vacuum-clean the Venetian blinds.
  • You should vacuum all parts of the blinds.
  • You should clean the Venetian blinds more often so as to maintain their neatness and cleanliness.

Bottom Line
Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for the home as well as office. Venetian blinds consist of horizontal blinds, which may show bits and grains of dirt. As such, you should get the Venetian blinds cleaned more often.