Common Web Video Production Pitfalls You Need to Avoid

Let’s be real. During the process of web video production singapore, there are lots of issues that can arise. Actors can fall ill, managers can change their minds, and the graphics can look like those of your competitors. While there are problems that are inevitable, there are others that can possibly be solved ahead of time with some foresight.

Read on below to know the three most common pitfalls that can arise when producing online video advertisements. There are also necessary steps you can follow to solve them immediately before they cause serious damages down the road:

Your Video is Too Long
There are times when you just need to cut down those superfluous and unnecessary comments just to convey your message. While it is always great to say that your CEO has grown up overseas, guess what, not all people watching your video will be interested. Yes, some of them simply don’t care at all.

All those additional juicy details can crowd your whiteboard animation videos, making them longer than needed. But, it is never worth it. Most consumers will bother to watch long videos, especially when the details are not relevant at all.

How do you solve this? Understand in advance that there are facts that you need to cut. Video production companies know what they are doing so make sure you trust and rely on their guidance. List down in tiers all the facts that you need to include but be ready to edit out the facts in the second tier. All in all, your video must not go longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The Story is Unclear
You know your products or services well like the back of your hand but your viewers don’t. if you use a foreign acronym or you jump right away from concept to concept, it doesn’t mean that consumers will follow your thought process. If your viewers have no idea what your video is about in the first place, do you actually think they will bother to finish watching it?

To avoid this from happening, make sure that your story is understandable, clear, and concise before you proceed to video production. It must be one of the initial steps in the process of crafting motion graphics videos. The video must appeal to average consumers who might not be familiar with technical terms.

Your Cutaways are Poor
If you have sudden jumps from text to graphics with a voice-over and music, your video may sound chaotic and look scattered, especially if you want to try squeezing in all your key points. Only because you got all the information and building blocks in the video doesn’t guarantee that the flow will be nice.

During shooting, see to it that you take extra footage. Your voice-over artist may have cleared his throat and you weren’t able to notice it first so you need to cover the mistake with something. Before you shoot, think of the links between all the concepts you want to mention and create understandable and clean transitions.

So, think ahead and ensure a smooth video production that is guaranteed to engage viewers!